Iran is not the belligerent party

The media in the West has a lot of blood on its hands already. Is it going to have more blood on its hands in Iran? Iran is not the bel­li­ger­ent party:

When it comes to demon­ising Iran, the US, Israel and Bri­tain have a uni­fied mes­sage and a com­pli­ant media, which has learned noth­ing from its mis­takes dur­ing the run-up to the inva­sion of Iraq, and seems happy to con­tinue to act as a gov­ern­ment pro­pa­ganda arm in some cases.

Thanks to the duti­ful cor­por­ate mouth­pieces, most Amer­ic­ans and Bri­tons have no idea that Tehran is act­ing within its rights under the NPT.

They don’t know that in Decem­ber, a US intel­li­gence estim­ate stated cat­egor­ic­ally that Iran is not cur­rently devel­op­ing nukes or that the nuc­lear watch­dog, the Inter­na­tional Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which mon­it­ors Ira­nian facil­it­ies, has no proof it seeks to do so.

The West’s pro­pa­ganda cam­paign is so effect­ive that the major­ity of West­ern­ers believe that Iran is the bel­li­ger­ent even though the facts sup­port the con­trary argument.


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  1. steve,

    Hi Chris­tian,

    Good work you’re doing here, and although you’re main con­cern is loc­ated on the middle east issues I was won­der­ing what you thought of the recent zim­b­abwe resolution?

    I mean who sees a para­dox here?

    A vote on impos­ing sanc­tions on Zim­b­abwe for un-democratic elections.

    This vote is cast by only 15 mem­ber nations of the UN which con­sists of 192 mem­bers. Of those vot­ing nations, not all votes are of equal worth, with 5 nations being more equal than the others.

    So a minor­ity of mem­bers decid­ing the out­come for the major­ity upon an issue of unrep­res­ent­at­ive demo­cracy. hhhmmmm.….….

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