Iran is not the belligerent party

The media in the West has a lot of blood on its hands already. Is it going to have more blood on its hands in Iran? Iran is not the belligerent party:

When it comes to demonising Iran, the US, Israel and Britain have a unified message and a compliant media, which has learned nothing from its mistakes during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, and seems happy to continue to act as a government propaganda arm in some cases.

Thanks to the dutiful corporate mouthpieces, most Americans and Britons have no idea that Tehran is acting within its rights under the NPT.

They don’t know that in December, a US intelligence estimate stated categorically that Iran is not currently developing nukes or that the nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which monitors Iranian facilities, has no proof it seeks to do so.

The West’s propaganda campaign is so effective that the majority of Westerners believe that Iran is the belligerent even though the facts support the contrary argument.


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  1. steve,

    Hi Christian,

    Good work you’re doing here, and although you’re main concern is located on the middle east issues I was wondering what you thought of the recent zimbabwe resolution?

    I mean who sees a paradox here?

    A vote on imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe for un-democratic elections.

    This vote is cast by only 15 member nations of the UN which consists of 192 members. Of those voting nations, not all votes are of equal worth, with 5 nations being more equal than the others.

    So a minority of members deciding the outcome for the majority upon an issue of unrepresentative democracy. hhhmmmm………

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