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Idiots at Apple out of control: censor English dictionary

Ninjawords dictionary iPhone app

Ninjawords dictionary iPhone app

When I purchased an iPhone it was with the casual understanding that I was buying into a product that was controlled not by me, in the way I control my computer, but by the company selling me the product, Apple.

It’s what Jonathan Zittrain describes as a “tethered appliance.” In contrast to a “generative PC.” Have enough of these tethered appliances and the internet would cease being the internet.

The latest negative example of this tethering is the most outrageous App Store rejection to date: the censorship and adult-rating of the English dictionary!

Update: If you’d like a chance to tell these self-appointed arbiters of culture what you think you can go to the Ninjawords App Store page (App Store link) and click on the “Report a Problem” button at the bottom. You’ll need to use an iPhone as the “Report a Problem” button doesn’t seem to appear in iTunes.

Update 2: Apple’s vice president Phil Schiller responds to Gruber.