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Remind me never to buy a Kindle

Amazon has remotely wiped a book that people had already pur­chased for the Kindle (an ebook reader).

As John Gruber notes:

It’s one thing to stop selling them. It’s some­thing else entirely to remove them from the Kindles of those who already bought them. That this happened with1984, of all the books that have ever been writ­ten, is simply incredible.

(Point of com­par­ison: when apps get yanked from the App Store, they don’t get deleted from the iPhones of people who already bought them.)

I don’t care what reason Amazon has for this. If the book shouldn’t have been sold they should have stopped it in the first place.

This is a very dif­fer­ent world to that of the free and open inter­net; this is the world of “inter­net appli­ances,” where the com­pan­ies that sell these products have remote con­trol over them. I feel cagey enough about own­ing an iPhone, which is also an inter­net appli­ance, but there’s no way I’m going near the Kindle after this episode.