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Iceland passes world’s strongest freedom of speech laws

Props to Ice­land for going ahead with plans to pass the world’s strongest free­dom of speech laws.

Time to look for a new web host in Iceland.

Lip reading Star Trek

Hil­ari­ous. Click through for the video.

The Guardian’s new iPhone app

The Guard­ian has just released an iPhone app. It’s only avail­able U.S./UK/Ireland for now but they’re work­ing on other countries.

Food for thought

Chan­nel 4’s Dis­patches last night: Do You Know What’s in Your Break­fast? A reminder that, in cap­it­al­ism, it’s not the job of the food industry to provide good healthy food. Their job is to make as much money by whatever means neces­sary, even if that means sneak­ing copi­ous amounts of sat­ur­ated fat, sugar and salt into your child’s diet.

Line fishing on an industrial scale

This is a clip from Fra­gile Para­dise, the first in a series of doc­u­ment­ar­ies by the BBC called South Pacific.

Guardian gagged from reporting parliament

Guard­ian gagged from report­ing UK par­lia­ment:

The Guard­ian has been pre­ven­ted from report­ing par­lia­ment­ary pro­ceed­ings on legal grounds which appear to call into ques­tion priv­ileges guar­an­tee­ing free speech estab­lished under the 1688 Bill of Rights.

Update: Trafigura drops bid to gag Guard­ian over MP’s ques­tion.

You are being shagged by a rear parrot’

Sirocco the Kakapo, a nat­ive par­rot of New Zea­l­and, gets frisky. An extract from Stephen Fry’s and Mark Carwardine’s new BBC doc­u­ment­ary, Last Chance to See:

The truth about Amersterdam vs. Bill O’Reilly 2

Bill O’Reilly being called out again out on what can only be described as his feeble fact-free attempt to paint Amer­s­ter­dam as a cess­pool of crime and corruption.

You can watch the ori­ginal Bill O’Reilly clip here, and the Roberwter’s first response here.

(via Rus­sell Brown’s Hard News)

The three parts of news stories you usually don’t get

Mark Thompson, writ­ing on his web­log News­less — Time to stop break­ing the news, and start fix­ing it:

I’ve come to the con­clu­sion that there are four key parts to news stor­ies, and we typ­ic­ally only get one of them, even though journ­al­ists pos­sess all four, and the other three are argu­ably more important.

Cheney: an evil person for evil times

The Guard­ian: ‘Mem­oirs to reveal Dick Cheney thought Bush had gone soft on war on terror.’

Who knows what dark place we’d all be in if this man had become U.S. President.