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How to bluff a pride of lions out of their kill

Clip from the BBC’s Human Planet, Grassland – Roots of Power

HARDtalk: Ken O’Keefe on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Click through for the video.

Hitler moves from YouTube to Vimeo

There are hundreds of parodies of this “Downfall” clip. The studio, Constantin Films, has ordered takedowns of some of them, and eventually even had this parody removed from YouTube. In this clip, Hitler is the producer, and his lawyers tell him why he can’t do a DMCA takedown and how the EFF could stop him. He desperately searches for other ways to protect the movie. Click through for the video.

Everything is okay

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What if you could video record your entire life?

I’ve just been updating some photos on Flickr and it struck me how much we record and photograph children’s lives these days. Looking back on photos and video is a great way to reminisce. But what if one day you could video record your entire life and play it back? Freaky.

Edit: Watched a film called Code 46 the other day, in which you can upload your memories to a device and play them back in video.

Lip reading Star Trek

Hilarious. Click through for the video.

Change blindness

Spooky. Click through for the video.

Time lapse of building going up

This is a time lapse I put together of a residential project I worked on in London. The photos were taken over a period of two and half years with various cameras by a friend from his canal boat moored in the adjacent basin. I cropped and straightened each photo manually before stitching them together to form the video.

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Neptune Storm

May I present Neptune Storm by Night Star Fireworks.

Food for thought

Channel 4’s Dispatches last night: Do You Know What’s in Your Breakfast? A reminder that, in capitalism, it’s not the job of the food industry to provide good healthy food. Their job is to make as much money by whatever means necessary, even if that means sneaking copious amounts of saturated fat, sugar and salt into your child’s diet.