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How to bluff a pride of lions out of their kill

Clip from the BBC’s Human Planet, Grass­land — Roots of Power

HARDtalk: Ken O’Keefe on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

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Hitler moves from YouTube to Vimeo

There are hun­dreds of par­od­ies of this “Down­fall” clip. The stu­dio, Con­stantin Films, has ordered take­downs of some of them, and even­tu­ally even had this par­ody removed from You­Tube. In this clip, Hitler is the pro­du­cer, and his law­yers tell him why he can’t do a DMCA take­down and how the EFF could stop him. He des­per­ately searches for other ways to pro­tect the movie. Click through for the video.

Everything is okay

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What if you could video record your entire life?

I’ve just been updat­ing some pho­tos on Flickr and it struck me how much we record and pho­to­graph children’s lives these days. Look­ing back on pho­tos and video is a great way to remin­isce. But what if one day you could video record your entire life and play it back? Freaky.

Edit: Watched a film called Code 46 the other day, in which you can upload your memor­ies to a device and play them back in video.

Lip reading Star Trek

Hil­ari­ous. Click through for the video.

Change blindness

Spooky. Click through for the video.

Time lapse of building going up

This is a time lapse I put together of a res­id­en­tial pro­ject I worked on in Lon­don. The pho­tos were taken over a period of two and half years with vari­ous cam­eras by a friend from his canal boat moored in the adja­cent basin. I cropped and straightened each photo manu­ally before stitch­ing them together to form the video.

Con­tinue read­ing for the video.

Neptune Storm

May I present Nep­tune Storm by Night Star Fire­works.

Food for thought

Chan­nel 4’s Dis­patches last night: Do You Know What’s in Your Break­fast? A reminder that, in cap­it­al­ism, it’s not the job of the food industry to provide good healthy food. Their job is to make as much money by whatever means neces­sary, even if that means sneak­ing copi­ous amounts of sat­ur­ated fat, sugar and salt into your child’s diet.