Why we shouldn’t wear bicycle helmets

Mikael Colville-Andersen’s TED talk on why we shouldn’t wear bicycle helmets.


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  1. aaron,

    Inter­est­ing to hear him men­tion Aus­tralia. Hel­mets were made a legal require­ment for riders in the 1980s when I was a kid. We hated them at first and now wear­ing them is a non-issue, much like the wear­ing of seat belts in a car is done without thought. I do occa­sion­ally ride without a hel­met if I’m on a bikes-only path but always with a hel­met if i’m on the road with cars. Hel­mets fastened firmly, cyc­ling here (Mel­bourne) is hav­ing a renais­sance, espe­cially in the inner-city with local gov­ern­ments cre­at­ing net­works of on and off-road bike paths.

  2. Huh, he’s mak­ing some intriguing points, but I’m still cyc­ling in a hel­met. It’s not enforced by law in the coun­try I live in (Nor­way), but almost every cyc­list I know wears one here and it doesn’t seem like any­one makes a prob­lem out of it.

  3. mike,

    He made a strong argu­ment, but he presen­ted no evid­ence to back it up. He said that stud­ies have shown that hel­mets don’t pro­tect us. What stud­ies? How were they con­duc­ted? How rig­or­ous were they and how many were there?

    My I, like most people, I sus­pect, have always believed that hel­mets do help pro­tect us, based purely on com­mon sense. If this is not true, I would like to know why. Cer­tainly I would prefer to ride without one if it doesn’t do any good.

    I am an avid cyc­list who has unfor­tu­nately been in sev­eral acci­dents, though none involving cars or hit­ting my head. My brother had a bicycle acci­dent (no car involved) and did hit his head. He suffered a ser­i­ous con­cus­sion. But, if he had not been wear­ing a hel­met, I strongly sus­pect that it might have killed him. Until I see some strong evid­ence and not just asser­tions, I’ll keep wear­ing a hel­met when I ride.

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