Why we shouldn’t wear bicycle helmets

Mikael Colville-Andersen’s TED talk on why we shouldn’t wear bicycle helmets.


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  1. aaron,

    Interesting to hear him mention Australia. Helmets were made a legal requirement for riders in the 1980s when I was a kid. We hated them at first and now wearing them is a non-issue, much like the wearing of seat belts in a car is done without thought. I do occasionally ride without a helmet if I’m on a bikes-only path but always with a helmet if i’m on the road with cars. Helmets fastened firmly, cycling here (Melbourne) is having a renaissance, especially in the inner-city with local governments creating networks of on and off-road bike paths.

  2. Huh, he’s making some intriguing points, but I’m still cycling in a helmet. It’s not enforced by law in the country I live in (Norway), but almost every cyclist I know wears one here and it doesn’t seem like anyone makes a problem out of it.

  3. mike,

    He made a strong argument, but he presented no evidence to back it up. He said that studies have shown that helmets don’t protect us. What studies? How were they conducted? How rigorous were they and how many were there?

    My I, like most people, I suspect, have always believed that helmets do help protect us, based purely on common sense. If this is not true, I would like to know why. Certainly I would prefer to ride without one if it doesn’t do any good.

    I am an avid cyclist who has unfortunately been in several accidents, though none involving cars or hitting my head. My brother had a bicycle accident (no car involved) and did hit his head. He suffered a serious concussion. But, if he had not been wearing a helmet, I strongly suspect that it might have killed him. Until I see some strong evidence and not just assertions, I’ll keep wearing a helmet when I ride.

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